De-Stress A Holiday Party!

(With a clean kitchen and calm hosts)

No one wants their guests to leave the party hungry. This suggested list provides a nice mix of heavy appetizers and treats that will give you time to have a glass of wine and relax while you throw the last few appetizers into the oven.

Beyond the Glass:Ā 
Bourbon Recipes From Horse Country
Kentucky Spirited Treasures:
Bourbon, Wine, ā€˜Shine

Two weeks before the party

Bourbon Balls Kentucky Crunch
Bourbon Turtles Mushroom Swirls* (freeze)
Chocolate Cherry Truffles

Two days before the party

Yule Log or Bourbon Ball Cake Lemon Spirit Squares
Smokey Bacon Pimento Cheese

One day before the party

Bourbon Bacon Meatballs** Hot Chicken Gruyere ***
Bread Pudding (Chocolate Croissant or Apple Walnut) Bread Pudding (Tiramisu or Turtle)

Day of the party

Fresh Fruit Dip with Strawberries and Pineapple Bites Moonshine Chicken Bites
Baked Brie Maple Bacon Bites
Eggnog ā€“ or Peach Bourbon Slushes (slush prepared two days before)

*Mushroom Swirls ā€“ these are prepared and frozen. On the day of the party, they are cut like slice and bake cookies and finished about 20 minutes before guests arrive.

**The meatballs are made and stored in the refrigerator until about 90 minutes before guests arrive. They can be heated (and served if desired) in a crockpot. Stir often to heat through.

*** Make this and store in the refrigerator (reserve the crackers and bacon until ready to bake). Put in the oven about 30 minutes before guests arrive in the same oven at the moonshine chicken bites and bake brie)

Serve and Enjoy your guests!!